Friday 4/29/2005

Max Yavno

Max Yavno was born in New York City in 1911 and after leaving high school in the Bronx he started work as a page boy on the New York Stock Exchange, continuing to study part-time.
In 1930 he got married and bought his first camera. He eventually graduated in Social Sciences and went on to do graduate courses.He got divorced and started work as a social worker.
From 1936-42 he worked for the WPA (Works Progress Administration) processing artist's applications and taking photographs. During this time he was involved with the Photo League, becoming President in 1938-9 and sharing an apartment with Aaron Siskind.
After war service with the USAAF as a photography instructor he moved to Los Angeles and set himself up as a freelance photographer.
Edward Steichen bought prints from him for the Museum, of Modern Art, and also, together with Edward Weston, backed his successful Guggenheim Fellowship application in 1953. After a successful period as a commercial photographer Max Yavno died in 1985

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