Sunday 5/08/2005


Melvin Sokolsky was one of the more successful New York advertising photographers of the 1960s. Advertising may be lucrative but it doesn't offer the photographer a by-line, and the work that brought him much more fame (if much less fortune) was his fashion photography, in particular for Harper's Bazaar. He also worked for other magazines, including McCall's, Ladies Home Journal, Esquire, Show and the New York Times. As well as fashion, Sokolsky also photographed many celebrities for the magazines, including Chet Baker, Mia Farrow, Dustin Hoffman, Lee Remick, and Lena Horne. In 1969 Sokolsky turned to a new and highly successful career in television commercials as a director and cameraman, winning twenty-five Clio Awards, and every major television commercial award including the coveted 'Directors Guild' nomination.

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